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Ask A Physician Kenya: What’s Zits?

This week’s Ask A Physician Kenya query is “What’s pimples?”

Ask A Physician Kenya Reply to What’s Zits?

Zits is the most typical pores and skin illness on the planet. It’s an inflammatory pores and skin dysfunction which impacts the pores and skin pores. These pores are made up of a hair follicle which is the small gap by means of which the hair grows out of the pores and skin and the sebaceous or oil gland which is linked to it.

Ask a Doctor Kenya What is acne?

Zits is brought on by the next 4 predominant elements:

*Extra sebum or oil manufacturing

*Lifeless pores and skin cells often known as keratinocytes clogging the pores and skin pores along with the surplus oil

*Micro organism often known as Cutibacterium acnes.

*Irritation which is the physique’s reply to the rising variety of micro organism within the clogged pores and skin pores. It’s characterised by redness, swelling, warmth and ache.

Elements which set off pimples embrace:

*Hormones like androgens which make the sebaceous glands produce extra oil.

*Drugs like corticosteroids, phenytoin and lithium.

*Meals like white bread, muffins, sweets and different excessive glycemic index (GI) meals.

*Stress since stress hormones can set off extra oil manufacturing by the pores and skin.

Signs of pimples embrace:

*Whiteheads that are closed clogged pores.

*Blackheads that are open clogged pores. They develop when the contents of the clogged pores are oxidized by oxygen within the air.

*Papules that are small bumps on the pores and skin which are generally often known as pimples or zits. They change into crimson when there may be irritation.

*Pustules that are small swelling crammed with pus.

*Nodules that are giant bumps on the pores and skin.

*Cysts that are giant swellings crammed with pus.

Zits often develops on the face however it will probably additionally develop on the higher chest, shoulders and higher again as a result of these areas have giant numbers of sebaceous or oil glands.

What is acne?

Zits impacts each women and men of all ages. It will probably develop in individuals of all ages but it surely often begins in adolescence and ends within the 20s although it will probably develop in individuals of their 30s or 40s.

Problems of pimples embrace:

*Zits scars which might be pitted or hypertrophic or thickened

*Hyperpigmentation wherein the affected space is darker than the encompassing pores and skin.

*Hypopigmentation wherein the affected space is lighter than the encompassing pores and skin.



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