iPhone 13 series launched, Price and specification | iPhone 13 price in India

Apple, the world’s largest phone company, has launched the iPhone series iPhone 13 on September 14. 4 smartphones have been launched in this series, namely iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone Pro Max. iPhone 13 has launched the iPhone 13 series in one of its virtual events and it has been launched in four color options, the special thing is that the company is offering the latest A15 Bionic chipset with them and the other big thing is That these phones will get 5G connectivity, that is, these phones will be able to work on 5G network as well. As always, the camera quality will be even better than before. The price of the iPhone 13 in India will be almost the same as last year’s phone which ranges from ₹ 69900 to ₹ 129,900 depending on the variant. Let us know when the iPhone 13 will be launched in India and its price, features, and specifications.

iPhone 13 Series

Camera – Ultra Wide Camera
Storage – 128 GB | 256 GB | 512 GB Storage
Dispaly – OLED display
Chipset – A15 Bionic chipset
Battery – longer battery backup

iPhone series price range

iPhone 13 mini – Rs. 69,900
iphone 13 – Rs. 79,900
iphone 13 pro – Rs. 1,19,900
iphone 13 pro max – Rs. 1,29,900


iPhone 13 price and specification

iPhone 13 review

iPhone 13 design

The design of the iPhone 13 is almost similar to the look of the previous iPhone 12. There is only a slight difference in the thickness of the iPhone, which is a slight increase in the new phone. This is also because the battery in the iPhone 13 is also more than the previous phones. The iPhones will come in 5 color options in India which are Midnight Blue, Pink, Sterlite, and Product Red. The body of the iPhone 13 is made of aluminum and it looks great. The size of the camera on the back of the phone has increased slightly.

iPhone 13 camera

The most important thing about the mobiles of the iPhone company is their camera, which has always been the best and no other phone has been able to compete with them to date. So the question is, what will the camera of the iPhone 13 be like? Friends, the camera of the iPhone 13 is going to be even better than the previous phone’s iPhone. The iPhone 13 has a 12-megapixel ultra-wide camera. The iPhone has already changed the sensor of its camera. That is, the photo will come even better in low light. The Camera pixels also increased in iPhone 13. With the camera of the iPhone 13, you will also be able to take macro photos, that is, photos of the smallest things can also be taken from this phone, as well as the option of autofocus has also been given in it. The photo taken with the camera can be zoomed in even more. According to the company, the cinematic film can also be made with the camera of the iPhone 13. Although it can be a good option for making small films. Because the option of cinematic videography has been given on the phone. Due to which different places on the same screen can be focused as you see in the cinema. In this, you will also get the feature of slow motion. Along with this, videos of pro-grade can also be recorded. Macro photography can also be done from the iPhone 13, three cameras have been given inside it, in which one has been given macro, second ultra-wide, and third telephoto lens.

iPhone 13 cinematic Apple iPhone

iPhone 13 display
You will get a 6.1-inch display in the iPhone 13, while the iPhone 13 Mini will get a 5.4-inch display. This display is given with an OLED panel. The size of the notch in the display of the iPhone 13 has been slightly smaller than before, which will increase the fun of viewing the screen even more. The brightness of the display has been increased even more than before so that the display will be seen even more clearly.

iPhone 13 storage

iPhone 13 will get different variants with 128GB, 256GB and 512GB of storage

iPhone 13 processor

The latest A15 Bionic chipset is being offered in the iPhone 13. According to the company, this is the fastest processor, it is the fastest processor among all the iPhones that have been launched so far. Keeping in mind the gaming fan, the iPhone company has taken special care of gaming while making the mobile this time and the gaming experience will be even better.

iPhone 13 battery backup

The battery backup of the iPhone 13 will be more than the previous year of iPhone, according to the Apple company, the iPhone 13 can run for 1 day after full charge, the company has not clarified how much power battery has been given in it, which was earlier. Never even told.

iPhone 13 price

As mentioned above, the price of the iPhone 13 will be almost the same as last year, the price of the iPhone 13 mini in India can start from around ₹ 69900. And the price of the iPhone 13 can start from ₹ 79,900. On the other hand, if we talk about the Pro variant of the iPhone series, then the price of iPhone 13 Pro will be ₹ 119900 and the price of iPhone 13 Pro Max will be ₹ 129900.

iPhone 13 mini – Rs. 69,900
iPhone 13 – Rs. 79,900
iPhone 13 pro – Rs. 1,19,900
iPhone 13 pro max – Rs. 1,29,900

When will the iPhone 13 be available in India?

You will be able to order the iPhone 13 in India from September 17, the sale of the iPhone 13 will start on Flipkart and Amazon, in which all the phones of the iPhone 13 series will be on sale, apart from this you can also buy Apple’s iPhone 13 series smartphones from Apple’s store. After ordering from September 17, you can get this phone around September 24.

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