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The Catholic Tradition Podcast: 85 – Three-Fifths of Our Band Acquired Ordained

Sep 16, 2020

There are various unusual tales in rock historical past. However Luxurious is
certainly the one band wherein three out of 5 members ended up
changing into Orthodox clergymen.

Combining a hard-edged instrumental texture with candy,
melodious vocals and literary lyrics, Luxurious has continued to
file and carry out sporadically since their starting within the
mid-Nineteen Nineties Christian punk scene. They’ve retained a loyal
following and their newest album, Trophies, was launched
final 12 months to a lot acclaim.

Fr. David Lee Bozeman—singer, songwriter and guitarist—joins the
present to inform the band’s story, focus on the connection between
liturgy and trendy tradition, and touch upon his lyrics, which deal
with themes like ordination, marriage actual and counterfeit, the
scourge of pornography, and the sanctification of the physique.


[2:36] “The Majesty of the Flesh”

[9:39] The difficult sanctity of the Christian physique;

[14:58] Fr. David’s songwriting course of

[15:53] The story of Luxurious, three of its members’ path from
Protestantism to sacramental religion

[25:06] “Braveness, Braveness”, a tune about Fr. David’s

[35:48] “To Conquer and Destroy”

[39:29] The band’s early influences and Fr. David’s reference
factors from the 80s and 90s

[44:19] Fr. David’s expertise of the Christian rock scene

[46:27] Orthodoxy and trendy tradition: liturgy is introduced into
secular life, not vice versa

[52:02] “The Warfare on Ladies” and the maintain of pornography on the
trendy world

[1:02:00] The compact expertise of T.S. Eliot’s poetry and its
affect on Fr. David’s lyrics

[1:05:46] “Museums in Decline”

[1:11:58] “Trophies” and the Orthodox understanding of marriage
and second marriages

[1:20:35] Provocation in Luxurious’s early lyrics

[1:23:16] “Queer Logic”, a lament over the Supreme Courtroom’s
choice on homosexual marriage

[1:27:37] “Perpetua Simone”


All music on this episode used with permission from
Luxurious and Lee Bozeman.

“The Warfare on Ladies”, “Museums in Decline”, “Trophies”, “Braveness,
Braveness” from Luxurious, Trophies.

“To Conquer and Destroy”, “Perpetua Simone” from Luxurious,

“The Majesty of the Flesh” from Lee Bozeman, The Majesty of
the Flesh

“Queer Logic” from Lee Bozeman, Queer Logic.


Lee Bozeman

Lee Bozeman on Bandcamp

Luxurious on Bandcamp

Luxurious on Twitter

Luxurious on Fb

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