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The Catholic Tradition Podcast: 88 – On Columbus

Oct 10, 2020

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The controversy over Christopher Columbus’s legacy tends to return
and forth from cartoonish demonization to glossing over the person’s
actual faults. Robert Royal, in his ebook Columbus and the Disaster
of the West
, does neither of these issues, as an alternative giving a
nuanced image of Columbus’s motives, worldview, faults and

The ebook goes past Columbus himself, nevertheless, inspecting the
general significance of the encounters between cultures that
occurred within the Age of Exploration, how we do historical past, and the way the
West idealizes and instrumentalizes native peoples for its personal
functions of self-hatred.

Columbus was neither a genocidal maniac nor a saint; whereas he
didn’t “uncover” America, he did uncover the world—as a lot for
Native People as for Europeans.


[2:42] Purpose for a brand new version

[7:11] The evolution of Columbus’s legacy earlier than current
many years

[13:16] Columbus’s motives: God, glory and gold, and their

[16:25] A breakdown of Columbus’ unprecedented achievements

[20:56] Did Columbus uncover America?

[25:38] Relations with the natives on Columbus’s first go to to

[33:26] Did Columbus intend to be a conqueror? His failures as a

[41:25] Columbus didn’t set up the Atlantic slave commerce;
slavery in each tradition

[45:40] No institutional construction by which Columbus may battle
abuse of natives

[49:17] Spain’s position within the improvement of worldwide regulation and
common human rights

[53:38] How we rejoice sophisticated historic figures


Columbus and the Disaster of the West

Free Columbus Day seminar with Robert Royal, Christopher Examine
and Wilfred McClay

The Catholic Factor

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