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The Catholic Tradition Podcast: Ep. 83 – The American Founding’s Medieval Roots

Aug 26, 2020

Whereas the left continues crudely to color America’s founding as
a mere expression of white supremacy, sure thinkers on the correct
have been making their very own assault on American ideas. They
argue that America’s founding ideas are essentially a
product of an Enlightenment liberalism incompatible with pure
regulation and religion. They discover within the Structure seeds of ethical
relativism, main inevitably to Obergefell and gender

To this place Robert Reilly’s new e book America on Trial:
A Protection of the Founding
is a strong rejoinder, arguing
that the Founding’s roots lie a couple of millennia additional again than the

With excellent scholarship, he examines the entire historical past of
Western tradition as much as the Founding, starting with the Greeks,
Hebrews and early Christians, continuing by means of the Center Ages to
the Protestant Revolt and the talk over the divine proper of
kings. It turns into clear that the American Founding was a part of a
millennium-long debate over the query of which is supreme,
purpose or will.

This interview focuses totally on the unique explication of
a number of vital American constitutional ideas in medieval
ecclesiastical and secular regulation. On the finish, Thomas poses some robust
questions concerning the compatibility of the First Modification with the
teachings of Leo XIII about Church-state relations and free speech
in Immortale Dei.

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[2:09] The stakes of the talk over America’s founding

[10:38] Christianity diminished the position of the state…

[17:15] …whereas granting legitimacy to the state inside its personal
secular sphere

[22:38] The 2 swords; separation of temporal and religious

[25:36] The king should respect the traditional customs of the

[29:02] Developments in canon regulation: consent of the ruled, the
proper to illustration

[39:08] The Coronation Constitution and the Magna Carta, proper to

[42:56] Pure and divine regulation trump human constructive regulation, each
secular and ecclesiastical

[46:14] The significance of England’s position within the formation of the
American colonies

[48:57] Political implications of the talk over God’s
Mind vs. pure arbitrary Will

[53:43] How consent works: the idea of a democratic majority
and minority

[57:54] The dependence of a democratic republic on the advantage of
its individuals

[1:06:15] Revolution towards US govt. justified throughout slavery
and immediately? Position of prudence

[1:13:40] Does the Structure battle with Catholic instructing
on Church and state?

[1:28:34] Is Constitutional freedom of speech right from a
Catholic POV?

[1:36:47] Fashionable-day barbarism: the re-tribalization of Man with
id politics

[1:39:39] Does the Structure mandate free speech on the state


Robert Reilly, America on Trial: A Protection of the

Pope Leo XIII, Immortale Dei (On the Christian
Structure of States)

Pope Leo XIII, Longuinqua (On Catholicism within the United
States) material/leo-xiii/en/encyclicals/paperwork/hf_l-xiii_enc_06011895_longinqua.html

Phil Lawler’s evaluation of America on Trial

David Upham’s critique of America on Trial 

E-book talked about: The Historic Metropolis by Fustel de Coulanges

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