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The Greatest Pizza in Rome: 20 Pizzerias to Go to

Pizza from Seu Pizza Illuminati.

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Rome flies beneath the radar as Italy’s most enjoyable pizza vacation spot. Certain, Naples has the clout and centuries-old pizza traditions, however what Rome lacks in historical past it greater than makes up for in selection, high quality, and taste.

There are just a few native types within the Italian capital, all of which emerged within the twentieth century. There are two notable styles of pizza al taglio (by the slice), offered by weight to prospects perched at high-top tables or standing on the street: pizza in teglia, which is baked in a pan and customary in takeaway joints, and pizza alla pala, baked immediately on the oven fireside and sometimes offered from bread bakeries. The town can also be dwelling to pizza tonda, an unsliced spherical with a crispy, chewy texture with barely any rim, which is often served to seated prospects with silverware. There are additionally Naples-inspired pizzerias serving gentle, chewy, thick-rimmed pizza, plus a handful of pizzerias mixing the types of Naples and Rome, delivering crust with a bit of extra crunch. Then there are all the opposite pizzerias the place cooks are simply serving no matter they need.

No matter the place you take pleasure in your subsequent slice, you’ll want to begin your pizza meal as a Roman would, with plenty of fried starters like supplì (rice croquettes), crocchette di patate (potato croquettes), fiori di zucca (squash blossoms crammed with mozzarella and salted anchovies), and so many extra crispy treats.

Katie Parla is a Rome-based meals and beverage journalist, culinary information, and award-winning cookbook writer. She is the host of Katie Parla’s Rome and Katie Parla’s Roman Kitchen on Recipe.TV, and the co-host of the GOLA podcast about Italian meals and drinks tradition.

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