Today in History: 21 September 2021?

Important Events of 21st September

1621 – King James I of Britain gives Sir Alexander Sterling the right to colonize Nova Scotia.
1677 – John and Nichols van der Heiden from the Netherlands obtained a patent for a fire extinguisher.
1745 – Battle of Preston Paine: Bonnie Prince Charles defeats British Government forces.
1746 – French expeditionary forces besieged Labordonnais and Duplex Madras.
1780 – Benedict Arnold gives plans for West Point to British Major John Andre.
1784 – America’s first daily newspaper (Pennsylvania Packet and General Advertiser) is printed.
1790 – Palghat surrenders with 60 guns to the British contingent led by General Meadow.
1792 – The French National Convention vote for abolish the monarchy.
1815 – King William I is sworn in in Brussels.
1826 – The Construction of the Rideau Canal starts in Canada.
1857 – Bahadur Shah II surrenders to the British.
1883 – Telegraph service between the US and Brazil begins.
1885 – The people of the Netherlands demonstrated the right to vote in elections.
1905 – The Atlanta Life Insurance Company is formed.
1919 – Steel strike begins in the United States.
1921 – 800 people are killed in an explosion at a chemical plant in Opu, Germany.
1928 – The magazine ‘My Wickly Reader’ is launched.
1933 – Ismail Pasha Siddiqui, the Prime Minister of Egypt, resigns.
1934 – A severe storm hits the Japanese island of Honshu, killing 4000 people.
1938 – The Great Hurricane Cyclone (183 mph) kills 700 people in New England, United States.
1942 – The Boeing B-29 Superfortress makes its maiden flight.
1942 – The Nazis kill 2588 Jews in Dunevtsi, Ukraine.
1949 – Communist leaders in China announce the People’s Republic of China party.
1964 – Malta gains independence from Britain.
1965 – Soviet Union’s O. Kommisarva created a world record by jumping 46,250 feet with a parachute.
1966 – Mihir Sen swam across the Bosphorus Channel.
1971 – A British Royal Air Force plane crashes in the city of Cambridge, killing a man and two boys.
1979 – Bokassa, the so-called Emperor of the Central African Republic, is deposed in a military revolution.
1984 – Brunei joins the United Nations.
1985 – North Korea and South Korea open their borders for their people to meet families.
1991 – Nicholas Palin proposed Biosphere Day.
1991 – Armenia gained independence from the Soviet Union.
1998 – A videotape is released about the love affair of US President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.
1999 – The Chi-Chi earthquake in central Taiwan kills 2,400 people.
2000 – Liberal Democratic Friends of India Society was established for better relations between India and Britain.
2001 – Fighting begins in Afghanistan, the ruling Taliban regime, and the Northern Alliance.
2003 – Pakistan’s opposition also rejected the new draft of constitutional amendments.
2004 – The US lifts economic sanctions on Libya.
2005 – Junichiro Koizumi is re-elected Prime Minister of Japan.
2007 – Tanzanian scientists claim to have discovered a rare species of fish.
2008 – Oil production in Reliance’s Krishna Godavari basin begins.
2009 – The BJP High Command released the second list of candidates for the Maharashtra and Haryana Legislative Assembly.
2013 – 67 people are killed in an attack by the terrorist organization Al Shabaab at the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi.
2019 – Prime Minister Narendra Modi leaves on a seven-day visit to the US to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations.
2019 – After the drone attack on oil bases in Saudi Arabia, the US took strong measures and imposed sanctions on Iran’s central bank.
2020 – PM lays the foundation stone for 9 highway projects in Bihar costing Rs 14,000 crore.
2020 – Direct cargo vessel service by sea between India and Maldives started.
2020 – A 3-story building collapses in Bhiwandi Nagar, Maharashtra, killing three people including seven children while 11 people, including a 4-year-old child, were pulled from the rubble.

People born on September 21

1866 – Herbert George Wells, a famous British writer, and historian were born.
1895 – Annapurnanand – Leading writer among the artists who wrote elegant humor in Hindi.
1895 – Azra – One of the well-known famous actresses of Hindi cinema.
1905 – Uchhangarai Navalshankar Dhebar was a fighter of Indian independence, who was the Chief Minister of Saurashtra state from 1948 to 1954.
1926 – Noor Jahan – Famous actress and singer, who did outstanding work in the field of Indian and Pakistani cinema.
1954 – Shinzo Abe – is a Japanese politician who has served as the 57th and current Prime Minister of Japan and as chairman of the Liberal Democratic Party since 2012.
1956 – Prabuddha Dasgupta – was a well-known fashion and fine-art photographer from India.
1963 – Curtly Ambrose, the legendary West Indies fast bowler, was born.
1979 – Chris Gayle player of the West Indies cricket team and the first player to hit 100 sixes in International T20.
1980 – Kareena Kapoor – Bollywood film actress.

Died on 21 September

1743 – Sawai Jai Singh – was a brave and very diplomatic king of Amer.

1985 – Amarnath Vidyalankar – Indian freedom struggle fighter, journalist, social worker, and parliamentarian.
2017 – Lillian Bettencourt – was a French heiress, socialite, and businesswoman.
2020 – Ang Rita Sherpa of Nepal, died. He has the first person in the world to climb Mount Everest 10 times.

Important Occasions and Celebrations of 21st September

National Tea Day.
World Gratitude Day.
Zero Emission Day.
National New York Day.
World Alzheimer’s Day.
International Peace Day.
National Pecan Cookie Day.
National IT Professionals Day.
World superstition eradication day.
Shri Uchhangarai Navalshankar Dhebar Jayanti.
Biosphere Day (according to Nicholas Palin).

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