Studying Time: 6 minutes

In our trendy meals setting, most of us are blessed to have prepared entry to quite a lot of meals. However what’s difficult is that we’re additionally uncovered to lots of visible meals cues, together with:

  • Commercials
  • Open-concept kitchens
  • Coworkers bringing in cookies or doughnuts
  • Chips and sweet close to the register even at shops that don’t primarily promote meals

This sort of setting makes it more difficult to easily eat once we discover we’re hungry. As an alternative, we could wish to eat simply because we lay eyes on a meals that appears tasty. Over time, visible meals cues would possibly lead us to eat once we’re not hungry greater than we’d if these cues weren’t current. (Observe: that is much less prone to occur for individuals who by no means had their inside intuitive eater knocked out of them, or who’ve reclaimed and practiced intuitive consuming abilities). We’re consuming as a result of we’re searching for a reward, and that reward isn’t (or isn’t solely) the satisfying of starvation.

Why does this occur? Let’s examine.